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Your Priorities


Before we can develop an investment strategy for you, we must get to know you. Why are you investing? What do you want to do? This is your financial future. It shouldn't be left to chance or some "off-the-shelf" plan.

The approach we work to develop with you should be as individual as you are. When you partner with us at Integer Financial Solutions, we follow an established process that starts with asking, "What is important to you?" And then we listen. We really listen.

After we understand what is important to you and why, together we build a strategy tailored just for you based on your financial needs.


By working through our processes with you, Rob can:

  • Help assess your tolerance for risk
  • Create a quantifiable, actionable financial goal, based on what it important to you
  • Recommend investments and strategies that support and align with your goals
  • Provide personal and ongoing advice, while developing a business relationship with you to last a lifetime


Where am I today?

It is difficult to plan for the future without an understanding of where you stand today. This means identifying and prioritizing your needs and assessing your tolerance for risk. We work to uncover and understand what impacts your current financial picture, such as income, expenses and any savings. Talking about these factors helps shape the advice that we can offer and the strategy we will build together to get you where you want to go.

Where would I like to be?

After determining where you are today, the next step is identifying where you would like to be. What does your vision for the future look like? What are you trying to accomplish? This discussion is very important. We will use this information and our tools to translate your vision into a personal, measurable goal.

Can I get there?

This is where the rubber meets the road. You know where you stand, what you want to do in the future and how much risk you're comfortable taking to get there. We can now help you answer the big question: "Can I get there?" Together, we will analyze what you're currently doing and discuss any adjustments you can make to better position you to achieve your goals.

How do I get there?

Discussing the first three steps allows us to understand your complete financial picture – your needs, attitude toward risk, progress toward your goal, and current investment strategy. Taking these factors into consideration, we can then identify the most appropriate investments, protection and services to get you where you want to be.

It's also important that you understand and are comfortable with the fees that come along with these investments and services. That's why we will walk you through the costs involved before you implement these recommendations.

How can I stay on track?

The last step may be one of the most important. After building a solid strategy, we will work together to make sure you stay on track. This is more than just what we do in the office – it is about regularly checking in and addressing any questions you may have, or inquire about any changes in your life, that may affect your current path. Minor adjustments along the way to your goal can often lead to major improvements.

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