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Mission Statement

Integer Financial Solutions will be the firm of choice for individuals seeking insurance and investment services. We will exceed client expectations by providing comprehensive financial services and products, and by maintaining the highest standard of professional conduct.

Integer Financial Solutions believes in freedom. For our clients, freedom means a lifestyle built on financial stability for the future and the opportunity to enjoy life along the way. We believe in independence. This means that we have the ability to offer the widest possible range of products and services to our clients and that we will have the professional freedom to be the best that we can be.

Integer Financial Solutions believes in comprehensive financial planning services. We will work together with our clients to build a retirement plan that will assist them in achieving their dreams and goals. The retirement plan will incorporate investment and insurance products that are chosen specifically for each individual client.

Integer Financial Solutions believes in integrity. We believe that we must first seek to understand our clients and identify their immediate, as well as long range, financial needs. We will provide individually tailored, well-researched, and independent advice.

Integer Financial Solutions believes in technology. Our clients can be assured that they are dealing with one of the most technologically advanced firms in Canada.

Integer Financial Solutions believes in education. Our corporate values are that we are professional, fair, focused on value-added service, open, and communicative. We believe that the client always comes first. By always putting the client first, and by always doing what is right for the client, we will be the firm of choice, both for today and for tomorrow.