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Investment Philosophy

We believe in actively managed, diversified, long-term portfolios.

We deal with several investment companies who, in turn, have professional money managers.

Our Strategy

For the most part, our strategy is BUY and HOLD. We "let the managers manage". However, given a reasonable time to perform, we may fine-tune the investment portfolio due to poor performance, new investment opportunities, change in client objectives, and/or to rebalance asset allocation.

We do NOT provide aggressive tax planning schemes, such as Limited Partnerships, Offshore Investments, and similar plans.

We have referral agreements that have all been approved by FundEX Investments Inc. in place, and may choose to refer our clients to qualified people in these respective areas, such as: lawyers, accountants, consultants, etc.

Time Frame

The minimum time frame for an investment into a Mutual Fund is 6 -7 years, with the provision that you may have to stay in longer if there is a sudden downturn in the market (i.e: Oct 1987, Fall 1992, August 1998, 2001, 2007, March 2020).

Our Aim

We look at managing your money as a lifetime commitment. This means we want to help you accumulate wealth, which could ultimately be converted to an income for you in the future. The intention is to have income for as long as you live, and for any residue in your estate to go to your rightful heirs.

Given enough time and resources, our aim is to help you retire on an income that is equal to or better than your last year's employment income. In short - we don't believe that you should take a cut in pay just because you retire.

Return on Investment

Mutual funds, or any other investments with stocks or securities as underlying assets, will fluctuate. You do not have guarantees like a Guaranteed Investment Certificate or Canada Savings Bond. However, it is reasonable to expect that over a long period of time --- say 6 or 7 to 10 years and sometimes longer --- you could have a return on investment (R.O.I.) that is better than a 5 year G.I.C.