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Are We a Fit?

1. Understands Me

I want to work with a financial advisor who really gets to know me, my family, our goals, and what is important to us.

2. Clearly Explains Investing

I'm looking for a financial advisor who will spend time educating me on investment topics and answering my questions.

3. Knows My Investment Style

I want someone who makes recommendations in my best interest and explains how they can help me progress toward my goals.

4. Meets My Schedule

Meeting with my financial advisor should be convenient.

And I want choices - whether that means meeting in person, over the phone, or with virtual online meetings.

5. Stays in Touch

I want my financial advisor to be easily accessible and to contact me for strategy and review meetings. I would like to be reassured that I'm on the right track, and have periodic updates to help keep me on track.  

If these sound like the qualities you are looking for in a financial advisor, Integer Financial Solutions may be right for you.

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